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Susie Young is a coach with an entrepreneurial spirit. Susie believes the human spirit is amazing, the mind more powerful than we can imagine! A master at moving forward, she is fiercely committed to helping you do the same. What is holding you back from realizing your dream? Susie provides a trusted relationship for you to tap into your genius, empowering you to break down barriers, jump hurdles and move walls in a deliberate way. She'll ask the powerful questions, give you insightful feedback, while assisting you to create the world where reality and dreams collide. Together, you will work on goal setting, strategize an action plan, prioritize responsibilities, learn better communication skills, form and lead with greater results and much more. She is your accountability partner and even more importantly, she is your biggest cheerleader who knows exactly what to say to help you succeed. Susie's skills help you produce intentional decisions to take control of your life, giving you greater rewards in family, business, finances, personally, spiritually and within community. She will coach you to success.

Service Offered

  • Executive, Leadership Coach, WholeLife Balance, Success Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Cerified Human Behavior Consultant, CSuite Coach


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  • Certified Professional Life Coach

I will work with you in building confidence.   

Life is meant to be lived fully with confidence. Whether it's a job interview, conversation with a co-worker, or beginning steps to a new goal, we'll work together to find the confidence you need to take those next steps in moving forward. As we work together, you'll gain greater and greater confidence to live life on your terms, creating your next steps intentionally until you reach your goals.




Three Sessions_Up to 60 minutes each w in 60 days.



Six Sessions_Up to 60 minutes each w in 90 days.



Ten Sessions_Up to 60 minutes each w in 6 months.

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  • Q:
    How would you explain coaching ?
  • A:

    Coaching is a private conversation centered around the goals and intentions of you, the client. Coaching is moving a healthy person forward in their actions to design the life they want and fulfill the goals they've set. It is intentional success.

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