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If you are looking for a coach who can support you through the tough decisions that come with starting a business, look no further. I will work with you to identify where you are strongly prepared and where you havent made all the needed decisions yet. Then we will fill in those gaps to create a solid plan, launch your business, and celebrate your success. I have years of experience dealing with large companies like the one you see yourself growing into as well as experience with small businesses in manufacturing and retail. On top of that I am a Certified Professional Coach. This combination means that I have the background to ask the right questions and the training and experience as a coach to support you to make your own solid decisions about your business. Let me work with you to ensure you have the basics covered. That will allow you to understand the kind of partner I will be going forward. ** Make the appointment now**

Service Offered

  • phone coaching, skype coaching, in person coaching


  • May 2012 to PresentCompany : Life's Loom CoachingJob Title : Coach

    Coach clients for transformation in life, business, relationship etc. When making important decisions, coaching can reduced the stress and support the best choices for a client.



  • Certified Professional Coach

I will support you in making those BIG decisions   

When you are faced with major decisions in whichever aspect of your life; work, business, relationships, health, living situations, ect. I will help you explore as many perspectives as possible and challenge the assumptions you are making in order to give you the whole picture surrounding your choice. It's like having a great friend to talk things out with only I don't have my own perspective on your situation- only the task of supporting you to make the best choice for you.


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One 60 minute session

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Weekly 30 minute session for one month

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Weekly 60 minute session for one month

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