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About Me

I work with creative entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the culture around them. They are looking for entrepreneurial success and are pulled many ways. I help them manage their energy, hone their focus and deploy their creativity to make a better world. Philosophy: Change is hard. Change takes time. Change is worth the effort. Change works best when you have a professional guide. I guide people through change. Managing both the changes you want to make, and the changes that just happen to you. I've been an entrepreneur, written and published six books, raised four kids, and traveled to many countries, but if there's any single accomplishment it's that my clients know that I also consider them close friends. I'm excited to believe in their potential, and to encourage them to be at their best. It's amazing to me that when many people go into a new business or line of work that will require courage and remarkable effort to succeed, how often their friends and family tell them all the reasons they can't and why it won't work. A huge part of coaching is having one person who advocates for you several times a month, reminding you that you can. My ability to believe in your potential is the one, single reason I continue to coach day after day. I'm interested in helping people build the culture around them, whether that means a sales team or a family, or creating new things in the world that help others live a better life. If you want someone who will work with you and track with your progress, as you impact the world around you in the way you're best suited, month to month and year to year, then I'm your coach. I like to have fun. I don't take myself too seriously. If your focus is on building a creative, meaningful and significant legacy into your culture, whether that's business, religion, family, or the arts, I'll be glad to walk that road alongside you. Contact me for a consultation today!

Service Offered

  • Personal coaching, creativity coaching, cultural impact coaching, spiritual growth coaching, writing coaching


  • Oct 2014 to Jun 2017Company : Evergreen LeadersJob Title : CEO

    Organizational Mission: Helping nonprofits thrive. We provide coaching and coach training to leaders in a variety of international nonprofit settings.


  • B.A., focus in Religion

    Goshen College, Goshen, IN


I will provide life coaching for leaders   

Being a leader means taking the responsibility for your own growth. Integrating your goals for business, family life, physical health, spiritual practices, and even hobbies will take work, but it can be done! Function at peak performance as a proactive preventative measure against chaos.


Get to know me


1x 60 min. meeting to see if we are a good fit.

Block of 7 sessions


To use as quickly or slowly as you like.

Retainer. Best Value


3 months. Up to 13 sessions

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  • Q:
    What are the benefits from having a personal life coach? ?
  • A:

    Clients cite improved relationships with family members, greater clarity and focus to their goals, ripple effects, better and quicker decision making, finding more time for what's important in life.

  • Q:
    How much homework will I have to do ?
  • A:

    None, I don't assign things. However, you may uncover things that are more important, and re-prioritize your current life, resulting in doing more of some things , less of others.

  • Q:
    How often and how long are sessions ?
  • A:

    This is up to you. Typically people like to meet 2-3 times per month. Since this isn't performance coaching, I prefer to give you 60 minutes rather than 45.

  • Q:
    How is this different from performance or business coaching ?
  • A:

    We open the field up for exploration more. It gives you the opportunity to make connections between disparate areas of life, and troubleshoot problems from multiple angles.

  • Q:
    What happens during a session ?
  • A:

    I'll check in on successes and ask you what result you hope to achieve today. We'll explore possibilities for overcoming obstacles and you'll decide on actions and goals by the end of the hour.

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