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Let's form a partnership to turn your dreams and goals into reality. As a team, we can remove obstacles and develop the skills and capabilities that will lead to success in your professional and personal life. We'll combine your desire with my background in corporate management, consulting, and as an entrepreneur who has formed and profitably run three startup companies. Then, we can apply, as needed, the experience I've gained in sales, marketing, training and development, coaching, time management, goal setting, measurement and ROI, developing business and strategic plans, and improving performance. The result will be a fulfilled and successful client and a very proud Coach!

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  • Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Performance Improvements,Success for Entrepreneurs,Group and Team Coaching,Executive Alignment, Sales and Marketing, Setting Goals and Time Management


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I will partner with you to achieve your dreams and goals!   

From entrepreneurs embarking in a new business to executives feeling the loneliness of being at the top, every person benefits from having a qualified person focused on their individual needs and available to support them through a myriad of challenges and issues they face daily. Your coach will function as your personal resource, support, and partner on an on-going basis through coaching packages available for longer periods of time. As with all my individual coaching, the more sessions booked, the greater opportunity for discounted fees.


Twelve Session


Twelve 1 hour coaching sessions completed in 4 mo

Twenty four Sessions


Twice monthly 1 hour sessions completed in 12 mo

Personalized Package


Package designed to meet your unique needs.

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  • Q:
    What is coaching ?
  • A:

    An ongoing partnership in which clients learn, develop skills, remove obstacles, and enhance performance leading to measurable improvements in their professional and personal lives.

  • Q:
    What is Performance Coaching ?
  • A:

    All aspects of coaching include improving overall performance which means a person develops the skills, motivation, and knowledge to complete all the activities that are necessary to achieve goals.

  • Q:
    Why is your coaching successful ?
  • A:

    It is holistic and considers all aspects of a person's professional and personal life, is performance-based, takes advantage of my extensive experience, and I am committed to each client.

  • Q:
    How experienced are you ?
  • A:

    I have over 3 decades of business-related experience holding corporate management positions, consulting with dozens of organizations, and successfully forming 3 start-ups.

  • Q:
    What type of people do you work with ?
  • A:

    Executives, managers and leaders at all levels, workers from the ranks, entrepreneurs, staff from academic and non-profit markets.

  • Q:
    What business functions do you have experience with ?
  • A:

    As a manager, consultant and coach, I've worked with all functional areas from the executive level and Board Room to sales,marketing, manufacturing, customer service, human resources, safety, finance.

  • Q:
    In what industries have you worked ?
  • A:

    Transportation, banks and financial, manufacturing, communications, utilities, services, government, academic, not-for profit covers the majority.

  • Q:
    What does CPT stand for ?
  • A:

    Certified Performance Technologist, awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement, acknowledging I have the education/training to assist individuals/orgs measurably improve perf.

  • Q:
    have you done anything in addition to coaching ?
  • A:

    Other Services describes additional capabilities. Further, I have designed, developed and facilitated hundreds of courses, seminars and learning systems.

  • Q:
    How does coaching take place ?
  • A:

    The client has the choice to arrange the scheduled coaching sessions via telephone, Skype, or Zoom from anywhere in the world.

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