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"I help my clients navigate the stress and overwhelm of the work and home environments, focus their strengths to make big things happen and feel confident so they know deep down I've got this!" Professional Certified Coach Mary Franz brings over 36 years of experience as a behavioral health specialist and critical incident responder to her coaching relationships. With a trusted ear, Mary works side by side with clients: *** A business client brainstorms ways to approach her business partner about an emotionally charged issue while structuring simple daily tasks with her bigger vision in sight. *** An entrepreneur who is excited about her growing business seeks relief with a non-business issue that requires some emotional savvy. She leaves with renewed focus for leveraging her strengths to manage the incident surrounding her overwhelming feelings and can now concentrate on her business. *** An online business owner quickly refocuses after sessions where he can safely and easily find kinks in his productivity armor so he can make tweaks to his habits and behaviors, gain more emotional energy and momentum each week. Coach Mary is helpful to clients because: * She is incredibly easy to talk to * Weird or uncomfortable emotional stuff is okay to talk about * Mental mangles or self-defeating talk can be sorted so you feel free * She is an accountability partner so you get things done and can enjoy time off * Relationship issues that have gotten messy can be cleaned up * Ideas for approaching difficult conversations are plentiful * Navigating conflict successfully is possible and feels energizing * Deeper, fundamental concerns that drive you are valuable assets * Sometimes you need to add more resources and stop burning yourself out * She gets the entrepreneur learning curve and can help you normalize stages * She asks how you can use your strengths to advance results and feel in control * She knows all beginnings are hard and is prepared to help you navigate * A sense of humor is fun and helps you feel less stressed * She shows up, asks some hard questions and cares that you get what you need You can have your successful business, relationships and dream life. Get a copy of the Say NO Checklist so you can communicate personal boundaries with loved ones successfully. Book a strategy session with Mary and explore coaching with her. Lets get started.

Service Offered

  • Personal Strategizing, Coaching and Consuting, CISD, Relationship Coaching


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  • MSW

    University of Kansas

  • Professional Coach Training

    MentorCoach LLC


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Professional Certified Coach

  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional

  • Certified Executive Coach

I will partner with a RS Member to kick up some good action.   

Brainstorming, dialogue, discovery, habit creation and accountability planning are ways we can use our time together. Sharing shortcuts/strategies to increase productivity and/or success welcomed.


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Fun exchanging ideas brainstorming and making good stuff happen.

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More fun exchanging ideas brainstorming and making great stuff happen.

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Most fun exchanging ideas brainstorming and making super great stuff happen.

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