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About Me

Brooke Davis is in the empowerment and change management businesses. She is passionate about helping others figure out what is most important to them and then helping them through the process of change both personally and professionally so they have more time to do all of those most important to me things. Brooke specializes in helping heart-centered professionals: Manage stress Handle overwhelm Recover from burnout Start and maintain a business Design a life that incorporates all the things they love while staying sane and healthy Brooke understands that launching and maintaining a business requires not only passion and will, but a solid strategy along with guidance from key partners along the way. Brooke can help you get comfortable with accountability, lay out step by step action plans, and discover practical ways to motivated, all of which will lead you to success. Brooke has an MBA and BS in Finance from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Indiana University respectively, and over twenty years of corporate finance, cash management, and change champion experience. She also uses a basic link between astrology and tarot to help entrepreneurs better utilize their strengths, manage their challenges, and understand themselves on a soul level. She is the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Roots of Abundance which offers online personal development courses, and writes for Brooke Davis Creative which offers freelance writing services to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Brooke is a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach and is passionate about health, wellness and nutrition. She enjoys being outdoors in spring and fall in sunny Colorado. She also writes novels and often loses track of time when reading a good book.

Service Offered

  • Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Overwhelm and Burnout Management, Life Coaching, Small Business Strategy


  • Dec 2015 to PresentCompany : Roots of AbundanceJob Title : Chief Creative Officer

    Provide hourly, bundled, and multi-month coaching packages focusing on health, and whole person wellness. Blog regularly on personal development and change management.



  • Certified Wellness Inventory Coach

I will help you manage overwhelm, burnout, or stress   

Feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, stuck, or not quite sure which way to turn? I will help you get clear on where you are, where you want to go, what you will need to do to get there and how you can start taking empowered, proactive steps TODAY to start feeling better.


Stress Package I


One call up to 60 minutes

Stress Package II


Two calls of up to 60 minutes each used within 60 days. $30 / 10% discount.

Stress Package III


Three calls of up to 60 minutes each used within 90 days. $75 / 20% discount.

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