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About Me

I am a business and women empowerment coach, providing the support and structure while we build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. With clarity and compassion I partner with you creating an empowered space for transformation and rich life experiences. I have PCC credentials from iCF (international Coaching Federation) and I am EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping certified coach through Brittany Watkins School, I am also a homeopath and Reiki Master. I have helped hundreds of people achieve even more than they could have imagined why not give me a try?!

Service Offered

  • Empowerment Coach, Business Coaching, EFT tapping Coach, Reiki Master, Weight Loss Health Specialist


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I will help you stop dieting, binge and emotional eating   

In the first session you will let go of food cravings that you have had forever. With the techniques I use it is simple to stop binge and emotional eating forever! Take your power back from food and dieting.


3 Months Package


This is the starter package gets you started

6 Month Package


If you would like a more comprehensive program

1 Year Full Package


Most complete program covers all aspects of life

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