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I can help you with your business in many ways -- planning and marketing, web marketing (thru a partner), internet security thru a proprietary Password System design, small business or individual healthcare insurance plans (thru a partner) if you PAY TOO MUCH for individual health insurance, and much more.

Service Offered

  • Consulting, coaching, marketing, planning, internet password security, health insurance for self employed and small business


  • Sep 2005 to Oct 2017Company : HCCP/EireconJob Title : Partner

    Human Capital Consulting and Publishing & Eirecon Associates LLC Consulting, marketing, planning, business development, HR services, exec coaching, exec search

  • Aug 1982 to Jun 2004Company : UPSJob Title : VP Marketing and Strategy

    Head of international marketing and strategy for UPS


  • BA Economics

    Univ of Michigan

  • MBA

    Harvard Univ




I will train you on a highly-secure personal password system   

You've been HACKED! It could happen anytime. Equifax and other data breaches have exposed all of us to hacking. IMPROVE YOUR SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE -- CREATE AND USE MORE SECURE PASSWORDS. I have developed an easy to use 'system' for manually creating, managing and using highly secure passwords for your critical website accounts.


Secure Password Sys


I will train you on a personal password system

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  • Q:
    How do I create and manage highly-secure and unique passwords for critical online accounts? ?
  • A:

    An easy-to-use offline system for password creation and management provides a high level of security to your everyday use of your critical websites, such as your bank and other important websites.

  • Q:
    How can I create an easy to use but secure password for multiple accounts? ?
  • A:

    If the Equifax security breach makes you mad, or at least worries you, take action -- make your next line of defense more secure by improving your personal Passwords! You can use a password system with easy memory techniques that creates a different password for every critical website but is easy to use and nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO HACK.

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