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I design and optimize sales funnels for life coaches. I own the business Advanced Life Coach Marketing, which offers smart marketing advice for life coaches looking to grow their business. If you're a life coach who needs marketing help, be sure to check out our Free 6 Page Report: The Three Most Effective Ways To Grow Your Life Coaching Practice at this link here:

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I will help you make an amazing online course in 3 months.   

Do you want to productize your coaching service but aren't sure how to do every step? I'll work with you in creating an amazing online course from scratch, even if you don't yet have any ideas for a course. I'll walk you through the whole process of creating the course including: customer research/idea generation, audience building, outlining, packaging, and recording the course, and designing proven sales funnels for it. If you've ever thought of creating an online course, now you can have a great one done in 3 months. I've consulted and worked with the mindfulness publisher in creating many online course with best-selling authors, and have created a handful myself.


3 hour Strategy


3 hour Strategy session for your online course . Marketing plan included.

Basic— 3 Months


One session a month unlimited email access and the course building roadmap.

3 Months


One session a week unlimited email access and the course building roadmap

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