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About Me

Eva Dwight launched her private coaching practice in 2012, and is credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She was trained and credentialed in Adler Learning International's ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation-Phoenix Chapter. Eva has coached hundreds of parents and teens in defining and achieving their goals. As an entrepreneur and working mom, she understands the juggling act that many parents experience as they try to wear many hats and master every role that they play, without dropping any balls! She helps them create a vision of what they want family life to be like, and partners with them in creating the path toward that vision. She has worked with teens for over 30 years and is able to connect and meet them where they are, so she can partner with them in taking steps toward greater success and fulfillment. Whether they are struggling with academic or personal issues, Eva helps teen clients reach inside and find their core strengths, and then build on those to create a foundational belief in themselves and their ability to thrive in the world! Eva helps all clients identify strengths, set priorities and clarify the path they want to follow. They work as a team to break seemingly overwhelming challenges into manageable steps that can be achieved. Before long, clients find that they have increased their skills, lowered their stress levels, and arrived at the next stage of performance and achievement. She taught junior and senior high English for 12 years before earning her Masters Degree in Counseling, in 1997. Her three decades in the public schools as both teacher and counselor taught her that people have an immense capacity for making positive changes in their lives. Eva has a calming presence that brings warmth and immediate trust to the coach-client relationship. She will be your non-judgmental ally in bringing your authentic self to the table so that you can look at where you are, and at where you want to be, and see that there is a way to close the gap and make it happen. She is ready to join you in the adventure that awaits, as you take the next steps toward the life you want to lead!

Service Offered

  • Coaching for parents who want more effective strategies for managing challenging behaviors and a more satisfying family experience, and personal coaching for adults and teens


  • Jan 2012 to PresentCompany : Creative Coaching ConversationsJob Title : owner/sole proprietor

    I coach parents who want help with negative behaviors they're experiencing from their children, and I coach adults and teens who are experiencing personal, business or relationship challenges.

  • Aug 1998 to May 2018Company : Mesa Public SchoolsJob Title : counselor

    As a junior high counselor, I helped students deal with multiple challenges, including academic performance, peer and family relationships, stress and anxiety, and planning for high school and beyond.

  • Jun 2008 to PresentCompany : Positive Discipline EducatorJob Title : Parent Educator

    I facilitate many workshops each year for parents of younger children, as well as parents of teens, using the Positive Discipline and other resources as foundational tools.

  • Aug 1992 to May 1998Company : Mesa Public SchoolsJob Title : Language Arts Teacher

    I taught 7th grade reading and English.



  • BA Secondary Education, MEd Counseling, ACC

I will help you get better results from your parenting!   

My goal is to help you experience joyful parenting! We work as a team to help you master the keys to making families “work”: figuring out what’s motivating your children’s challenging behaviors, going beyond consequences to problem solving, setting kids up for success, and building family relationships based on kindness and firmness. When your family works, you can go about your work with a stronger sense of balance.You’ll feel capable of juggling all of those balls that parents have up in the air, and you’ll feel confident of your ability to raise children who are respectful, responsible, and resilient.


Meetings as Needed


for help with the occasional challenge

Four Meetings


Schedule four meetings over a 10 week period.

Eight Meetings


Schedule eight meetings over a 20 week period.

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