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My name is Jim Wadford, and I am a conservant coach. A Conservant Coach is one who helps the person being coached maintain a constant state of body, mind, and spirit as they move through the many constant changes and transitions in their life and work. I bring hope to persons like yourself, who want to discover, explore and achieve their dreams. For each of my clients, it's different; some are looking to find financial freedom, others are looking to improve their marriages and relationships with their children, while many are seeking to be the best they can be in their leadership roles at work.

Service Offered

  • Entrepreneur Coaching, Vision and Strategy Planning, Leadership Development, Balance in Life and Work


  • Jan 2004 to PresentCompany : Coaching & Consulting International, LLCJob Title : Conservant Coach

    Presently I am President and Conservant Coach of C&CI with the responsibility of vision casting and lead coach for the Heart + Start coaching process used at our company.


  • Master of Divinity

    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Doctor of Ministry

    Drew Theological Seminary


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

I will help you create strategic business plan….   

Heart + Start Coaching developed a unique strategic planning process that assists entrepreneurs with the start-up of a robust, productive business. This process creates plans in these areas; necessary foundation, vision, external assessment & internal appraisal, mission, critical goal categories, goal creation, action steps, marketing plan, budgeting, and development of a sales plan. This plan will aid you in starting your business on a firm foundation with sure strategies and actions for future growth and development.


Strategic Plan


Strategic Business Plan Creation

Strategic Gold Plan


Strategic Planning with six months of coaching

Strategic Platinum


Strategic Plan with twelve months of coaching.

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  • Q:
    What is included in our strategic planning process? ?
  • A:

    We coach entrepreneurs by assisting them in the creation of a business plan that will become the foundation for their company.

  • Q:
    What is your vision? ?
  • A:

    What your business will bare to achieve in the next three to five years.

  • Q:
    What is an external assessment and an internal appraisal? ?
  • A:

    We look at market segments & opportunities, do a competitive analysis, look a the trends, and list all your strengths and limitations.

  • Q:
    What is your mission? ?
  • A:

    What the organization will achieve in the next twelve to eighteen months.

  • Q:
    How will we assist in goal setting? ?
  • A:

    We work with you in the creation of H.O.W.S.M.A.R.T. goals that will drive the organization toward its mission.

  • Q:
    What else does this straegtic business planning process offer? ?
  • A:

    We also work with business owners in the development of their action steps, the marketing plan, budgeting, and a sales plan for the creation of a strong customer base.

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