Ildiko Oravecz
From: United States (US)
Member: Feb 2017
Languages: English, Hungarian

About Me

Living under a name that translates to fierce warrior in Hungarian can send many messages to a young girl transitioning from a host of divergent cultures throughout her life. For Ildi, it meant that success best happens when it is not built alone. Through a fierce and colorful past that began in South Africa, followed by part of her life in Hungary and then tiny Socorro, New Mexico, Ildis greatest philosophies were to listen to your gut, build a culture you believe in, and maintain a posture that promotes further enrichment. She now translates those life lessons into her Tribal Abundance program, where the concept of collaboration and connection is taught as a framework for ensuring success through interpersonal networks. She designed the program herself, basing the concepts on the anthropological research of Colin Turnbull, who studied two very different tribes and how their approaches to abundance and scarcity resulted in two very different mindsets, usage of resources, and consequences. Not only does Ildi live by the tenets of paying it forward, but she has proven it to be a legitimate principle through a community network that has repaid her with rewarding civic and volunteer connections. Ildi is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as well as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT). She is the recipient of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Award of Excellence for instructional design, and holds a Masters degree in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies from the University of New Mexico. Ildis gift back to the community is realized through several volunteer activities, including board positions and committee involvement on the New Mexico chapter of the International Coach Federation, and Polka Dot Powerhouse. When not coaching or consulting, she balances her life by spending time with her matched little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. She also enjoys digging in her garden and enjoying life from her backyard patio, or going for walks with her husband, tending to two rescue dogs that watch her every move, and a wayward cat that lives on her front porch.

Service Offered

  • coaching, consulting, course design and development, team building


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  • Master of Arts in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies

    University of New Mexico


  • Associate Certified Coach

  • Certified Performance Technologist

  • Certified Executive Coach

I will help you create an engaging online course   

You’re a coach or consultant who wants to share your brilliance with the world. What better way to do that than through creating a course? The challenge is knowing how to get started. I've been designing and developing courses for years and am passionate about learning. Work with me to create an engaging online course that creates RESULTS and TRANSFORMATION for your target audience. We'll begin with a one-hour call to get you started, and then, depending on the package you choose, you will receive tools, templates, and worksheets to help you pull your content together to create an engaging course. I will review and provide feedback on the materials you create, and we'll have follow up phone calls to answer any questions.


Quick Start


1 one hour call and Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Plus


2 one hour calls and Course Creation Workbook

Deep Dive


4 one hour calls and Course Creation Workbook

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  • Q:
    I'm an expert on my topic, why would I need someone to help me create an online course ?
  • A:

    You don’t want to make the mistake of just throwing a bunch of content at your learners hoping something sticks. Experts often overwhelm their learners with TMI (too much information).

  • Q:
    I feel overwhelmed, how do I get started ?
  • A:

    We'll take a systematic approach that helps you work through creating your online course step-by-step

  • Q:
    There are so many online course creation experts out there, what makes you different ?
  • A:

    Not only has this been my job for the past 15+ years, I have a Master's degree in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies

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