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About Me

Elaine Turcotte was an entrepreneur for 12 years owning her own successful territory in one of the most competitive markets in the country. She brings with her a wealth of business, sales and marketing experience as an award winning sales rep with over $10 million in lifetime sales. She knows firsthand the challenges and the opportunities that come with building, maintaining and growing a business. Her biggest year in the business was also her most challenging both personally and professionally. Elaine found herself joining a group coaching intensive in a small fishing village on the west coast of Ireland. Elaine had a profound and transformational experience that led her to becoming a coach herself. Elaine is a Certified Momentium Sales Coach as well as a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and a Certified Master Coach of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Certified Master Hypnotherapist. She has trained at the Institute for Life Coach Training and is working towards becoming an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She is a graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She put herself through school while running a business. Elaine has a deeply rooted passion for travel. To date Elaine has traveled to over 34 countries. One of her favourite experiences was volunteering in an orphanage in Peru a personal development retreat called Give & Grow. Elaine has witnessed firsthand the power of coaching and the impact it has made in every area of her life. She especially enjoys helping entrepreneurs lighten the backpack of negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt), replace limiting beliefs, change bad habits and set goals, knowing they will achieve their desired outcome. Book your session with Elaine now!

Service Offered

  • NLP, Sales


  • Jul 2007 to Nov 2016Company : JostensJob Title : Territory Owner & Sales Rep

    Managed and grew a competitive territory with approximately $1M in annual sales.


  • BA in Sociology

    York University


  • Momentium Sales Coach

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Master NLP Practitioner

  • Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner

  • Master NLP Coach

I will help you increase your income   

One on one coaching to refine your sales process, waste less time with people who just won't buy, spend more time with clients you love and make more money!


Selling with Heart


4 sessions to increase your income

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  • Q:
    How does it work ?
  • A:

    Selling is an art. It gets a lot easier and way more fun when you know what questions to ask and in what order, how to uncover the need (which is the SECRET to selling) and when to present the solution (your product or service). I will dig into your current process and we will figure out how to tweak to increase your close rate dramatically.

  • Q:
    What are your qualifications ?
  • A:

    I am an award winning sales rep who spent over a decade in sales. I am also a Momentium Certified Sales Coach and have experienced many sales trainings including Sandler and Brian Tracy.

  • Q:
    How are you different ?
  • A:

    I hated sales. I didn't think I would make it - and neither did my first sales trainers. I used to work with high school students and teacher. I figured out quickly that the traditional (slimy) sales techniques weren't going to work for me. I developed a unique style that makes it fun without the salesy pushiness that's so often associated with selling.

  • Q:
    What does the gig include ?
  • A:

    Session 1: A review of your current sales process and tweak it. Session 2: How to handle objections (SECRET: there are only 5). Session 3: Feedback & role play session - what worked, what didn't, what we need to adjust. Session 4: Formalize sales process into a custom form or script that works for you!

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