Marc Schiller
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About Me

I can help you with your business in many ways -- planning and marketing, web marketing (thru a partner), internet security thru a proprietary Password System design, small business or individual healthcare insurance plans (thru a partner) if you PAY TOO MUCH for individual health insurance, and much more.

Service Offered

  • Consulting, coaching, marketing, planning, internet password security, health insurance for self employed and small business


  • Sep 2005 to Oct 2017Company : HCCP/EireconJob Title : Partner

    Human Capital Consulting and Publishing & Eirecon Associates LLC Consulting, marketing, planning, business development, HR services, exec coaching, exec search

  • Aug 1982 to Jun 2004Company : UPSJob Title : VP Marketing and Strategy

    Head of international marketing and strategy for UPS


  • BA Economics

    Univ of Michigan

  • MBA

    Harvard Univ




I will find health insurance for individuals at group rates   

For self-employed entrepreneurs and/or small business owners or managers, health insurance from the individual markets can be very costly. I can find a tailored health insurance solution for your needs at group rates, plus other HR benefits that are commonly found only in very large companies, such as 401k plans, supplemental life insurance, disability insurance, and other benefits.


Health Ins Benefits


Finding a Group Health Insur and Benefits package

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  • Q:
    Do you pay extremely high rates for health insurance? ?
  • A:

    Group health plans can be found for self-employed individuals and small businesses

  • Q:
    Do you seek a Group Health Insurance plan or HR benefits? ?
  • A:

    Large company benefits programs can be found to for self-employed individuals and/or small businesses that will save you and your company thousands of dollars in costs and administrative fees.

  • Q:
    Do you seek a payroll management system for your small business? ?
  • A:

    programs are available that afford large-company systems and related HR benefits programs for self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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