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WHAT DO YOU WANT? That's where coaching starts. Whatever the specifics, I'm guessing you want success and happiness, and you want it YOUR way. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for greater success in business, a leader who wants to have a more positive impact, someone struggling with conflict in relationships, or just want get clear on what you want, and get out of your own way, I'm here to help you make it happen! Together we'll make sure youre moving forward on your goals. And (big bonus!) chances are you'll also find out a lot of wonderful and useful things about yourself, which will help you stay aligned with your best-self, and carve out a life you can love. BIOGRAPHY: My extensive experience in coaching includes fifteen years training, certifying and mentoring professional coaches, and also teaching a Leader as Coach program. Multiple coaching certifications include PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF; BCC (Board Certified Coach) from CCE with specialty certifications in Executive Coaching and Leadership; C-IQ trained coach; Living Systems Team Coach; and Adlerian Relationship Coach and Parent Coach. Certified to use the Tilt suite of assessments. I've also been an anthropologist, an art gallery director, a nonprofit leader, a professional mediator, and for 20 years an entrepreneur. While that may seem like a crazy, random career path, the connecting thread was me following my strengths and interests and seeking ways to thrive my way! What if you gave YOURSELF full permission to do life YOUR way? MY COACHING STYLE is highly intuitive in quickly picking up patterns and zooming in on core issues, adept at pinpointing and clearing roadblocks, direct and caring in providing impactful feedback, and expansive in helping clients find fresh perspectives. I frequently use humor to defuse client self-doubt and bring valuable perspective. I work with clients at two levels both tactical-strategic and transformational-developmental. We move toward achievement of the clients specific goals using a strengths-based approach that unleashes the clients own wisdom, while amplifying personal and professional capacity and developing intentional inside-out leadership. I SEE ALL MY COACHING CLIENTS AS HEROES! They are busy every day pursuing things they care deeply about, solving problems, achieving goals, and helping other people in a wide variety of ways. They are also heroes who muster the insight to acknowledge they could be even better at all those things, and the courage to admit that they're often getting in their own way. They understand an important universal truth that the greatest threat to our own potential comes from within us! The hero's path is never a success-only journey. Great heroes know the benefits of a steady companion who can be counted on to find what they need along the way. As your coach, I will be that keen-eyed observer, supporter and confidante to assist you on YOUR hero's journey, with whatever you may need along the way, so you WILL achieve your goals! Check out my coaching options, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Lets get started on YOUR hero's journey!

Service Offered

  • Professional Coaching


  • Jan 2002 to Company : Adler Learning USAJob Title : President

    Training, certifying and mentoring professional coaches, and also teaching a “Leader as Coach” program. Leading the company as an entrepreneur, including strategy, marketing, logistics, etc.



  • Professional Certified Coach from International Coach Federation

  • Board Certified Coach from CCE with specialty designations in Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Master Practitioner in Tilt Suite of Assessments

  • Living Systems Team Coach

  • Adler Relationship and Parent Coach

I will exchange Rhino Strong strategy collaboration with you   

Rhino Strategy Session - Masterminding work on Exoteric and Rhino Strong Agency strategies together.


Rhino Exchange 1


Rhino Strategy Session. Collaborating to mastermind work on Exoteric and Rhino agency strategy.

Rhino Exchange 2


Rhino Strategy Session. Collaborating to mastermind work on Exoteric and Rhino agency strategy.

Rhino Exchange 3


Rhino Strategy Session. Collaborating to mastermind work on Exoteric and Rhino agency strategy.

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  • Q:
    Who is this designed for? ?
  • A:

    This gig is for members of the Rhino Strong Agency who wish to collaborate on Rhino and Exo strategy. (If this does not fit what you are looking for, please see my other gigs.)

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