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What do you want out of life? Is it fun, freedom, amazing relationships, great health, a successful business, to make a difference in the world? Maybe its none of those things but something different. Its easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of life and lose sight of your dreams and goals. Heres where Chris can help. Chris has spent the last ten years working with people who have a desire to be the best version of themselves and yearn to succeed on their own terms. Chriss warm and intuitive approach make her clients feel like theyre working more with a close friend than an executive coach. One of her clients described her like this Chris is warm, supportive, intuitive, playful and an ally on my journey. She is an example of excellence in the coaching profession... Chriss coaching has enabled her clients to become more courageous, more confident, more productive and fulfilled. They get whats meaningful to them done. She has a background as a clinical social worker and managing programs in the field of child welfare. She discovered coaching in 2004 and knew then it was what she was meant to do with her life. Committed to coaching she built her coaching business and although not easy she successfully pushed forward with the right amount of determination and passion for helping people change. . In 2012 Chris took on another challenge, and partnered with a direct sales company part-time because she wanted to build residual income. After a lot of hard work and a few mistakes along the way shes enjoying a steady income from her years of efforts. Her specialties as a coach include leadership development, team development, facilitation, entrepreneurship and health and wellness. She uses specific assessments to help you gain insight into your innate personality and traits. Chris is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with a BA from Duke University and a Masters in Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill. She moved from Philadelphia to Denver in 2015 and loves the outdoors and mountains. She is passionate about health and wellness and consistently enjoys learning more in this area. For fun she plays a mean bass guitar in a local rock band. If you are ready to partner to get what you want, on your terms, contact Chris today!

Service Offered

  • Leadership Coaching, Team Development, Health and Wellness Coaching, Training and Facilitation


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  • MSW

    UNC-Chapel Hill


  • Professional Certified Coach

  • Conversational Intelligence

  • Organizational Relationship Systems Coach

I will debrief your Core Values Index Assessment   

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a revolutionary assessment that bypasses personality and behavior and gets to your innate unchanging nature. This assessment helps you understand what your best contribution is in the world. The debrief with me will help you create awareness and create a powerful set of action steps to help you be more effective personally and professionally.


CVI Full Report


Access to take the CVI and receive the full report valued at $50

CVI Report/Debrief


CVI Full Report and 60 minute coaching debrief applying the insights to grow personally.

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  • Q:
    How long does the CVI assessment take to complete? ?
  • A:

    10 minutes and you can take it on my website homepage:

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