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I coach to identify and eliminate what keeps clients from attaining life-work balance and peace of mind in the midst of crazy-busy schedules, to banish genuinely bad habits, to remove self-recrimination and to prioritize demands of work and home life so what's truly important gets done, and gets done well. Education includes: B.Ed. Honors degree from Cambridge University; M.A. in Holistic Counseling Psychology from Lesley University; life coaching certification Adler Graduate School. Former boardmember of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Coach Federation where I initiated the Minnesota Prism award recognizing organizational coaching excellence at Barr Engineering, Cargill, Pepsi and nonprofits including Better Futures Minnesota and Pregnancy Choices. I've coached or presented in over 40 for-profit and non-profit organizations, including Land OLakes and Performance Excellence Network. "The Concise Coaching Handbook: How To Coach Yourself And Others For Business Results" will be published this year by Business Expert Press. Marshall Goldsmith said of the book, "This wise, encouraging book will help you think like a coach - and have a better life as a result." Testimonials: "Elizabeth blows me away in her presentations and in her coaching. From the Cargill event where I met her, to my then company Land OLakes hiring her to create a custom program teaching active listening and coaching skills, to my hiring her as my personal coach, everything she does is not only well received, but results in everyone (including myself) becoming a more successful contributor both professionally and personally. I highly recommend her to corporate organizations to take their teams to the next level of success. As an extremely gifted coach and presenter, Elizabeth always asks the right questions and provides the right resources and supports to help people make breakthroughs and stop being stuck. If you invest in a presentation or in personal coaching with Elizabeth, your investment will pay great dividends she is truly committed and talented at helping people live their best lives. " Alyssa Bakke, Sensory Scientist at Penn State University "As the Director of the Performance Excellence Network, I work with many presenters. Elizabeth's presentation on managing stress was one of the most well done presentations I've participated in. After vetting hundreds of speakers, I can confidently say Elizabeth is easily in the top 5%. Her content, audience engagement, and presentation style were outstanding." Beth Neu, MHRM Operations and Human Resources Manager

Service Offered

  • Life coaching for life work balance, and stress reduction, using relaxation techniques, stress reduction and hypnotherapy


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  • M.A. Holistic Counseling Psychology

    Lesley University

  • B.Ed. Honours

    University of Cambridge, Homerton College


  • Life Coaching, Adler Graduate School

I will coach you to live, work and play with confidence.   

I will assist you to develop your own internal self-confidence-the feeling that you can trust yourself to make good decisions and to act on them. We will eliminate second-guessing and self-guilt (woulda, coulda, shoulda). Most important, we will construct a plan together that helps you keep going when run into people and situations that typically drain your confidence.


Foundation Coaching


Includes 6 sessions in 90 days to develop or renew your confidence and achieve your goals.



Includes 6 full sessions plus unlimited shorter phone calls (up to 10 mins) plus Feng Shui analysis.

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  • Q:
    What is the process you use ?
  • A:

    First, you fill out a Discovery questionnaire and identify the main areas in which you want to develop more confidence. You'll also share with me the places where your confidence gets derailed, as well as how you like to be worked with. We use that as the basis for our 3 month plan.

  • Q:
    What happens during a coaching session ?
  • A:

    Typically we briefly review your homework (your previous action items.) We celebrate what's working and address what we can improve. Then we decide what you want to be coached on this week, always culminating in commitments or action steps that we devise together. The commitments or action steps are always ones that you agree to, and feel confident you can achieve!

  • Q:
    What results can I expect ?
  • A:

    You will be clearer about what you need to do to feel and act from a place of confidence. You will have steps you can take when your confidence falters, or when other people or situations start to 'bring you down'. You will know how to coach other people to support you in your endeavors, or how to leave situations in a respectful way if they no longer contribute to your well-being.

  • Q:
    Do you offer any guarantees? ?
  • A:

    Yes-I guarantee you will feel and act more confident with my coaching than if you hadn't received my coaching, or your money back. (No client has ever asked for money back :)

  • Q:
    Do you have any client testimonials? ?
  • A:

    Yes! Please visit my website: http://pursueyourpath.com/coaching-testimonials/

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