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About Me

I'm a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in Berkeley, CA. I help people develop stronger relationship skills by coaching them through tough conversations. Whether it's their boss, their partner, their kid, their new friend or a dating situation, I can help you tune into what's going on under the surface of the words, and speak your truth in a kind, respectful and honest way.

Service Offered

  • Relationship Coaching


  • May 2013 to Nov 2017Company : Tina Kopko, LMFTJob Title : Relationship Coach

    I work in a private practice office with individuals and couples, to help them navigate the choppy waters of relationship, and learn the skills of deep empathy.


  • MA Counseling Psychology

    JFK University


  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I will coach you through a tough conversation   

Is there someone in your life you've been avoiding, or not being completely honest with, because you don't know how to say your truth in a way that won't hurt or anger them? Do you need to facilitate an ending to the status quo, but aren't sure how to create what you actually want with a friend, a partner, a boss, an employee, a colleague or a family member? I will coach you through an honest and direct conversation with the person, word for word, while uncovering underlying beliefs that hold you back. You'll be in integrity, AND create the peace in your relationships that you so deeply want.


Quick Advice


30 min quick advice on tackling tough conversation

Role Play


60 min role play scenarios to find best result

Extended Coaching


Three 1hr relationship coaching sessions

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  • Q:
    How do I break up with someone kindly? ?
  • A:

    This is always an awkward situation, but it needs directness and honesty, not avoidance, or ghosting. There is a way to break up with someone such that they will actually thank you!

  • Q:
    How do I get someone to stop hounding me to be their friend? ?
  • A:

    The chemistry of friendship can be a fickle beast sometimes. One of the keys to healthy friendships is being upfront and transparent about your own needs. Are you comfortable expressing your needs?

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