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As a certified trained professional coach, I am truly passionate in supporting clients ready to strive in reaching their highest potential. When clients make the commitment to work with me, it's because they found themselves in a place of distress, anxiousness, in serious need of support, guidance, and their ready to make that commitment to change. I specialize in supporting clients who are in serious need of lifestyle change relating to stress management, work life balance, nutrition, and exercise. When clients find unhappiness within their lives, there's an imbalance that needs to be addressed. My unique listening skills and compassionate heart will support clients in finding that imbalance, seeing new options of choice for change, and holding them accountable in taking the steps they desire. Life opens up when clients bring that full balance back into their life. They find that living life with joy takes away the stress, distress & anxiousness they used to live with. They find they no longer have to exist to live. Guiding clients through their journey, watching them open up, realizing that they no longer have to hold the heavy weight they used to carry, is why I am passionate in being a professional certified coach. My coaching education includes the certification of Associate Certified Coach, ACC, through the International Coach Federation, ICF, as well as Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC, through the Coaches Training Institute, CTI. Upon completing my professional certifications, I then continued on to complete the Health Coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As part of the health coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I received training that included the study of over 100 dietary theories, holistic alternative medicine, the bio-individuality concept of each of us, cutting edge nutritional concepts, and the knowledge of how stress, our environment and so many other factors play into our health. In combination of my professional skills for stress management & life coaching and my health coaching training, I truly provide a well-balanced coaching session that will have clients reaching and exceeding their goals. I have been supporting and guiding clients through coaching sessions since 2014. My background experience prior to professional coaching, I fulfilled a business career in working 32 years in corporate world. My retirement from corporate world has opened up the opportunity to fulfill my full-time career as a well-trained certified coach. My personal achievements have also completed the full balance in my life as I have taken on the challenge of becoming a runner, completing three half-marathons and a full marathon. I have also challenged myself to outdoor activities such as downhill & cross-country skiing, backpack hiking, and biking. I also enjoy cooking healthy for myself and my family, as well as committing to a daily exercise program that is truly rewarding in many different ways. I bring a real-life experience level to my clients, as my personal life history has so much to offer my clients in so many different ways.

Service Offered

  • Work Life Balance Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Wellness Coaching, Family Balance Coaching


  • Jan 2014 to Dec 2017Company : Sure to Inspire Coaching, LLCJob Title : Healthy Lifestyle Coach

    Professional Certified Coach specializing in supporting clients who are in serious need of lifestyle change relating to stress management, life balance, nutrition and exercise.



  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF

I will build with you the adventurous life you desire.   

Building your adventurous life begins with your dreams. You’ve taken the first step to work with a coach, now together we’ll begin building the life you’ll be excited to wake up to. You chose the topic & we’ll work to reach your goal. My powerful coaching skills will empower you to see what you truly desire, motivate you to reach for what you see, & hold you accountable in reaching your goals. I trust that you know what you want, so I will stay committed to you in your journey. I will provide a compassionate warm space for you to dive deep, breaking through your roadblocks. Your happiness is where my passion for coaching lies. You own this journey. This time is saved just for you, & I am committed to building the adventurous life you’ve always desired. I look forward to hearing from you.


Individual Sessions


1 hour scheduled coaching session.

Premier Sessions


4 1 hour scheduled coaching sessions.

Exclusive Sessions


8 1 hour scheduled coaching sessions.

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  • Q:
    What is professional coaching ?
  • A:

    Professional coaching is a co-active conversation session where the client chooses the topic. The coach provides questions to allow the client to keep a detailed conversation flowing.

  • Q:
    Does the coach give advise for how the client should change their situation ?
  • A:

    No, the coach rarely gives their own opinion. The coach works with the client to provide many different avenues of how the client can see their situation.

  • Q:
    Can the topic change once the session begins ?
  • A:

    Yes, there is always great opportunity for change of topic as clients discover new found information about themselves that they never saw before.

  • Q:
    What is accountability ?
  • A:

    As the client begins to see a new idea that they want to try, the coach will ask the client if they would be willing to put their new ideas into action asking when they will complete it.

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