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Julie specializes in stress management and is passionate about coaching clients in this area. After dealing with health challenges resulting from a car accident, she discovered firsthand the importance of stress management and work-life balance both in her personal and professional life. She believes strengthening self-awareness as well as learning how to be present in each moment with mindfulness is not only an essential stress management skill but one of the keys to success. Being present enables one to spot opportunities or potential challenges as they arise in real time. This encourages more effective decisionmaking and positive outcomes. As an entrepreneur and founder of Coaching for Resonance, Julie knows how and what it takes to energize the spirit of a leader. Her diverse experience of running a coaching practice, managing an online business, sales, marketing, social media, promotional partnering, customer service, public speaking as well as dealing with health challenges have all contributed to strengthening her intuitive approach and skill set. Julie, a work-life renewal coach, received her coaching certification from the Teleos Leadership Institute and credentials from the International Coach Federation. She is a graduate of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management professional training program´╗┐ at the University of Pennsylvania, and Conversational Intelligence for Coaches program with Judith E. Glaser. Julie is a designated CIQ Enhanced Skills Coach. In addition, Julie is the author of Invitation to Believe: Establishing Faith in the Universal Power, an account of her journey to self-discovery as well as managing health challenges. She is passionate about her pro bono social media position with the Peace Pledge Project, a global peace initiative that encourages Peace Pledge signers to strive to bring LovingKindness and Compassion into action and into all the lives they meet. This newly-launched peace mission is endorsed by spiritual leaders from around the world. If you are looking for a coach who is heart-centered, highly intuitive and fully committed to your success both personally and professionally, then book an appointment with Julie today! test - test -

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  • Work Life Balance, Leadership Development, Conversational Intelligence, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Spiritual Counseling


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I will activate the Leader within so you can shine!   

Is self-doubt keeping you from being the leader you want to be? Drop that negative narrative and open up to an exploratory process that will cultivate clarity of vision, ignite passion within aspiration and empower your ability to successfully lead in both your professional and personal life. Step up to the plate, lead on purpose.... it's your turn to shine!


Activate the Leader


Step up to the plate and lead on purpose

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    What will I take away from this 90 day challenge? ?
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    You will understand yourself better, learn how to manage negative self-talk, draw energy and motivation from aspirations, learn how to slow down and calm emotions, discover the power of choice, and lead on purpose.

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