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Mindful Communications | eBook

Build Better Relationships and Improve Your Personal and Professional Life!

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  • Skill LevelStandard
  • LanguagesEnglish
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    ebook: Mindful Communications | eBook

Course Description

Build better relationships in both your personal and professional life through the art of mindful communications that combines effective listening with awareness of yourself and others.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Master, says that once you learn to commune with yourself, you’re better able to communicate with others with empathy and compassion. You can learn to develop all these skills at the same time through the examples and practice techniques given that shall assist you in becoming a mindful communicator.

Don’t all of us want a better world to live in, and the opportunity to have more meaningful, loving, and productive relationships, whether it’s with our family and friends or collaborating with our colleagues or being of service to our clients? Yes, and…

Transform your personal and professional relationships practicing mindful communications and make more meaningful connections with others. Buy this compact and concise ebook so that you can practice the concepts! Let's create a harmonious world together!