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Lead: Mindset, Influence & Results

Passion, Vision, Attitude, Mindset

About This Course $50.00

  • Skill LevelStandard
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • Includes

    Self-study, Activity Worksheet, Debrief Questions: Lead: Mindset, Influence & Results

Course Description

Explore several key points about your mindset, thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your unique leadership style, and how you can maximize your influence as a leader and start getting the results you desire, whether it’s with your family, business associates or team members.

This enlightening and inspirational course will show you:
• How to shift and shape your mindset to become a powerful, dynamic leader
• Top-tier secrets to goal setting and accomplishment
• How to have a greater impact on your world and get the results you REALLY want
• How to inspire others to be their very best and become strong leaders too
• How to collaborate with other strong leaders who share the same passions as you
• And so much more…

Working at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office, you will have the opportunity to take a look at your current beliefs and behaviors…AND the results you are getting. This program will also help you make dramatic shifts in your mindset that will boost your impact and benefit your life and business.