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Making Shifts without Making Waves | eBook

A Coach Approach to Soulful Leadership

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Course Description

“If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.” -Norman Vincent Peale


“Change has come to America”

President Barack Obama used that phrase to describe the political reality brought about by his election in November 2008.1 His description could be applied to nearly everyarea of life over the past decade.

Revolutionary Transformation = Change + Transition.

In this book we will be introducing a toolkit that will generate transformation: a new ripple model, seven key questions that make shifts without making waves, basics of coaching, and how to move through BARRIERS and create BRIDGES.

Critical Times Call for Soulful Leadership

Very often people find themselves facing storms—hurricanes, tornados, droughts, heat waves, hail, or fierce rains. People also face other types of storm—and so do secular, religious, profit, and nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes. These storms often involve one or more of the following:

  • Shifting demographics that begin to impact client base or membership
  • Diminishing funding for effective programming, ministries, or services
  • Decline in interest, revenue, or support for one reason or another
  • Decline in impact and effectiveness
  • Decrease in leadership base and loss of talent
  • Chaos created by dysfunctional, compulsive, or addictive behaviors
  • Stress created by mismatch of calling and placement in a career, place of ministry, or service
  • Stress generated when we are called to deal with differences—of ethnicity, lifestyle, generations, culture, traditions, values, etc.
  • Poor focus and no direction

This book provides practical tools that have proven to help persons, profit and non-profit organizations, and families weather these storms and others. It’s not an easy task, but the proven toolkit found here will offer guidance in those times when the rains and storm clouds diminish sight and escalate fears. These storms of change are around every corner these days.