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What’s Your Brand?

The most critical enabler... or disabler, of your success

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    Webinar: What’s Your Brand?

Course Description

Joseph Seiler: Your Natural Edge

Your Brand is the reason people, not only buy from you, but why they gladly tell two friends. The other side of the coin is that it is also the biggest reason, way beyond price or quality, that people not only will not buy from you but may actively discourage others from buying from you. Brand is indeed the critical enabler, or disabler, of success in attracting others to you and then having them buy from you. One big problem with the concept of Brand is that so many folks point to the logo or the business card or the elevator speech, or dozens of other items when asked what the Brand is. Not true. Brand is simple enough to explain, though few can do so. Even then it is not simple to create and harder to sustain. Join us for an experiential and simple, description of all you need to know to be successful in the crowded Brand arena.

Expect to learn:
• What Brand actually is (not about huge marketing budgets)
• Examples of strongly positive Brands
• Examples of weak and failing Brands
• That we all have a Brand, know it or not
• How you can learn about yours and decide if you like it
• How to develop your Brand into the powerful positive enabler it can be
• How to shepherd your fledgling Brand to become your greatest asset

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