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Candid Conversations in Business – What? How? | eBook

The Successful Business Leader's No Fluff Guide

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    E-Book: Candid Conversations in Business – What? How? | eBook

Course Description

Joseph Seiler: Your Natural Edge

     Three unbelievably successful business leaders used the Candid Conversation to bring unheard of success. And yet, even though the Candid Conversation is both simple and universally applicable, independent of the size of your organization, not everyone uses it. In fact, most don't. Not yet. You can use it. The book shows how to instill and conduct and grow Candid Conversations in your business, whatever the size. Why not massively increase your success? Jack Welch of GE fame has been referred to as the greatest CEO of the twentieth century and he is often pointed to as the one who coined or popularized the phrase 'candid conversation'. Ed Catmull, leader of both Pixar and Disney Animation achieved a track record that included 14 consecutive blockbuster hits and 30 Oscars. Ed credits his use of the Candid Conversation as his magic sauce. Alan Mulally took the reins at Ford when the government bailout of the auto industry was imminent. Alan managed to turn it around at Ford, declined the bailout and resurrected a company that was about to become extinct. How? Yes, the candid conversation was his game changer, increasing success through the people on his team. He didn't even clean house to bring in 'his people' when he took over.
     • A method and attitude to get every mind fully on the solution finding and improvement side of any aspect of the organization • Information sharing without ego blockers (two way) • Asking helpful exploratory questions • Providing helpful complete answers • Staying welcoming of possibilities beyond 'the way we have always done it' • They are about things, not people
  Candid Conversations are about better results, not eviscerating a colleague. Not about punishment but about improvement. The days of 'I am here to take names and kick ass' are over. Well, if we want to have a genuine Candid Conversation and harvest the amazing benefits, those days are over. Then there are always some who just won't let the old ways go.      You can expect to learn:
     • How you and your colleagues can benefit from adopting Candid Conversations • The step by step process of how to conduct Candid Conversations • The history of this (soon to be adopted by most companies) hugely powerful method • Some of the pitfalls to watch for that could undermine full adoption