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Consult to Client Form

A step by step process to converting more consults to paying clients

About This Course $197

  • Skill LevelStandard
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • Includes

    PDF form Consult to Client Form

Course Description

Are you a coach, healer or practitioner who is struggling with the idea of asking for money - especially when you're just starting out?

Are you wasting your time booking consults only to hear no thank you time after time?

Or are you too afraid to even do a consult?

I get it. I was too! I totally bombed my first few consults but I learned a lot and then I put it altogether in an easy to read form that I can fill out while talking to my prospect that keeps me focused and on track. I know exactly what I'm going to say next so I can stay present and listen. I can relax and have fun.

Want to take the stress out of your consults? Download my easy to use, step by step form and get started right away.