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How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact

An Approach for the Long Term

About This Course $195

  • Skill LevelStandard
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • Includes

    Video, e-book, workbook, topical Facebook group access, personal coaching session: How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact

Course Description

Adam’s clients have always wanted to feel more energized, have more focus and time… then leverage these things to make an impact in the world around them. This is a short and simple course drawing on timeless values from Eastern writings thousands of years old. You can learn what the practices are in a few weeks, and the course will get you started. Rather than dictating exactly how to do things, the model is adaptable: There are principles here that will allow you to develop your own version of practical implementation so you can start small no matter what your current lifestyle is like. After that, it’s a lifetime paradigm.

Cultural Impact is for those willing to take the long road to find, and to deliver, real value.