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Valerie Driscoll

Cape May, NJ, US
I am an ICF Certified Coach and Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through UC San Diego. I spent 30 years as a busy Interior Designer working on both residential and commercial projects in the southernmost parts of New Jersey and beyond. Through my own struggles with stress and my difficult relationship with food, I somehow found the wonders of mindfulness, became a neuroscience nerd and traded in blueprints and throw pillows for a new career: the one I was truly meant to do. My coaching and teaching comes less from the perspective of a mountaintop, and more down in the hole. I know how to build the ladder out rung by rung, and I know how to help other build their ladder. I specialize in working with people who think they "can't", and helping them to discover how and why often this mindset is merely faulty wiring which can be re-wired with some brain training and curiosity. My coaching is peppered with humor, direct, motivating and full of wonder for just what we are capable of when we begin to create new awareness around the old stories we have told ourselves.

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