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Susie Idzik

Palo Alto, CA, US
Coaching: Stepping into your next best thing! ​ Are you starting something new? Are you stepping into your dreams? Are you starting up a business, a project, a transition to something new for yourself? ​ At these crucial times of beginnings and transition, coaching offers you individualized support to help you meet all of your goals. So often dreams of change are squashed by feeling like it's impossible or by hitting spots that are difficult. Working together we can both hold your vision of your success and get through difficult spots that may arise. ​ I have been a coach since 2000. Recently, I have fallen in love with coaching all over again. I know how we can spiral into a place of self doubt and get frozen and stuck when we don't have support and I am continually inspired by our ability to move forward and make incredible leaps when we find the right support. Coaching offers the support we often crave to get ourselves into action. ​ I have had 5 businesses and worked in essential roles in many organizations. I understand what it takes to set realistic goals, leap over hurdles, maintain the vision and enjoy the rewards. Having someone who is in your corner with you can be your key to success. ​ If you feel called to create a new vision of your life, called to step into new work that supports your whole self and brings your best gifts forward, I'd love to support you in your next steps.

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