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Susie Young-Tatum

LaGrange, IL, US
Susie Young is a coach with an entrepreneurial spirit. She's ready to share with you the skills and secrets to turn your business opportunity into your family's strong financial future. Starting her coaching career in the direct sales industry, she knows the good, the bad, and the ugly. She will teach you how to work smarter, not harder. Susie is a Certified Professional Life Coach and founding members of Exoteric. Susie believes the human spirit is amazing, the mind more powerful than we can imagine! A master at moving forward, she is fiercely committed to helping you do the same. What is holding you back from realizing your dream? Susie provides a trusted relationship for you to tap into your genius, empowering you to break down barriers, jump hurdles and move walls in a deliberate way. She'll ask the powerful questions, give you insightful feedback, while assisting you to create the world where reality and dreams collide. Together, you will work on goal setting, strategize an action plan, prioritize responsibilities, learn better communication skills, form and lead with greater results and much more. She is your accountability partner and even more importantly, she is your biggest cheerleader who knows exactly what to say to help you succeed. Susie's skills help you produce intentional decisions to take control of your life, giving you greater rewards in family, business, finances, personally, spiritually and within community. She will coach you to success. After graduating with a finance degree, she entered the financial brokerage industry and became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in the industry with one of the largest international brokerage company in the world. After a successful career in the traditional brokerage business, she owned her own business in the Direct Sales industry while staying at home to raise her daughters. In her business, she was recognized as the top trainer for a group of over 3800 entrepreneurs, awarded Trainer of the Year. Susie has designed systems and training within the industry. Million Dollar Earner, Jim Lewis said, "Susie is one of the most dedicated and committed colleagues Ive ever worked with. She is a true shining example of servant leadership". Wanting to continue to serve others, she became a Certified Professional Life Coach through an ICF certified program, Christian Coach Institute. For the last several years she has served small to large size business owners, start-up companies, business Account Executives and C-Suite Executives in balancing their lives, setting up their companies, producing better leadership skills, implementing strategies to build their business and simply, being more intentional in every day decisions. Having both traditional business and direct sales multi-level marketing industry experience, her insight to the needs of an entrepreneur, will help move you forward with precision. Gifted in the areas of leadership, she empowers her clients from within themselves, with encouragment to lead a life of design. She is a contributing author, sharing the story of her father's suicide, a week later becoming a University of Nebraska cheerleader. She knows what it is like to have challenges in life, and with her experiences, she has gained wisdom she passes onto all her clients. You will be guided and supported, expanding your thoughts while working towards desired outcomes. Susie Young-Tatum's passion is to serve by helping her clients be more successful in their life.

Courses Offered

There are no courses offered by this Expert.

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