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Steve Hendon

Cedar Hill, Texas, US
You have decided to build the business of your dreams. You have a thousand questions and it can be overwhelming, even if you have done it before. Would you like some help to make it happen? Business fundamentals are important to the success of any business, and when we go deeper to understand your special gifts, you have an even greater chance of success. Those special gifts are your talents and strengths. When you understand those, you see yourself and your business with a whole new perspective. You are unique and deserve to discover how to connect with the best of who you are, to design your best path to success. I am a veteran in the world of small business development, having spent 40 years in sales, sales management, marketing, team building, and training. As an entrepreneur, manager, and coach, I have worked with a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs, from product and service companies to practice owners in the legal, healthcare, and financial industries. I would like to help you tap into the best of who you are and realize the success you want.

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