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Shirley Schulz-Robinson

Newcastle West, NSW, AU
If you are looking for a coach who has had diverse life and professional experience, who is supportive, calm, compassionate, near unshockable, challenging, with a sense of humour - consider having a conversation with Shirley. An experienced professional. Dr Shirley Schulz-Robinson is a professional coach and consultant who works with clients confronting complex professional, personal, business or organisational challenges. Shirley brings a unique background and skillset to coaching grounded in her experience as a clinician, manager, group facilitator, adult educator, administrator, researcher, and business owner. She also has experience holding three jobs to pay the bills while studying and caring for her family. She is creative, dynamic, a supportive listener who works with clients wanting to become more effective leaders, create new directions, build personal and organisational capacity, create cultural change, implement new approaches, build confidence, or enhance educational performance. Her professional experience includes teaching diverse cultural groups, community and service development, strategic planning, policy development and implementation, developing and monitoring standards and ethical practice. Shirleys clients include professionals working in the public, private, non-government and small business sectors and entrepreneurs. She offers individual and group coaching and coaching supervision coaches. Shirley provides a respectful confidential space for exploration, reflection, strategy development, goal setting, tackling difficult questions and situations. Her approach to coaching is respectful, supportive and challenging. For persons experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and confidence building counselling can be provided. Shirley is a member of various professional organisations including the International Coaching Federation, the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches, Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. She holds multiple multidisciplinary qualifications including: Doctor of Philosophy, Health Administration, University of NSW; Bachelor of Arts, Hons Sociology, majors Sociology and Philosophy, University of Newcastle; Diploma in Life Coaching, Life Coaching Academy; Cert. IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Hunter TAFE; Cert. IV Small Business Management, Life Coaching Academy; Credentialed Certified Coach PCC(ICF); Certified Stakeholder Centred Coach, Marshall Goldsmith (SCCMG); Certified Global Leader of the Future Assessor; Certified StrengthScope Provider; Suicide Prevention Professional Development Training (APS); Supervision Training Group and Individual, ROAR and NSCCAHS; Currently Completing Conversational Intelligence Coaching Certification. Shirley believes that supportive group education and leadership coaching are powerful strategies for facilitating personal and organisational change and growth. Contact her to discuss your needs and coaching challenges.

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