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Shirley Schulz-Robinson

Newcastle West, NSW, AU
If you are looking for a down-to- earth supportive, calm, compassionate, near unshockable, challenging Coach with a sense of humor - consider having a conversation with me to see if we connect. I work with people confronting challenging complex professional, personal, business or organisational challenges to make changes. I am an enthusiastic change agent who sees a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, Unpredictable) world as an opportunity to explore options, possibilities. My diverse background includes experience as a clinician, manager, executive, university lecturer, teacher, researcher, board member, business owner, 'industrial hygienist' or cleaner, direct sales, community development and shift work. I enjoyed creating, working with others to resolve challenges. Like many people I have managed full-time and part-time jobs concurrently with study, as a single parent, and caring for aging parents and friends. These experiences prepared me for starting and managing my own business late in my career. People describe me as creative, dynamic, a supportive listener who gives them space to reflect while working with them to seek new directions, become more effective leaders, build personal and organisational capacity and culture, implement change, build confidence, or improve their educational outcomes. My professional experience includes cross cultural teaching, working with diverse communities, service and community development, strategic planning, project management, policy development and implementation, quality improvement and monitoring professional and service standards, conducting organisational research in Australia and overseas (Canada, UK, USA, Korea, Sweden). My clients come from all sectors, small business, public, private, non-government, not for profit and entrepreneurs. I provide coaching for individuals, teams and groups, coach supervision for coaches, and teach managers to coach. I provide a respectful confidential space for exploration, reflection, strategy development, goal setting, asking and tackling difficult questions and situations. My approach to coaching is eclectic, ethical, respectful, supportive, challenging. If you experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, lack confidence, the awful 'I'm not good enough, I offer hypnosis and coaching to build confidence, resilience, and self belief by working with you to remove barriers to success by changing unconscious limiting beliefs. Professional memberships include: ICF, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (2nd VP), Australian College of Mental Health Nurses, Australian Hypnotherapy Association. Multidisciplinary qualifications include: Doctor of Philosophy, Health Administration; Bachelor of Arts, Hons Sociology, majors Sociology, Philosophy; Diploma Life Coaching; Cert. Small Business Management,; Cert. Workplace Assessment and Training; Professional Certified Coach (ICF); Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach (SCCMG); Certified Global Leader of the Future Assessor; Certified StrengthScope Provider; Professional Supervisor, Supervision Training Group and Individual, ROAR & NSCCAHS; Conversational Intelligence Coaching Enhanced Practitioner, completing Certification. I believe leadership coaching and supportive group education to be powerful strategies for facilitating personal and organisational change and growth. Contact me to discuss how I can assist you.

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