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Shannon Reschny

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA
I specialize in helping my clients navigate life's work transitions -- whether that is changing jobs, starting your own business, embracing the first career move of adulthood, or adjusting to the changing demands of parenting and working. I've helped numerous clients who have experienced job loss and are grappling with if and how to reenter the job market. As a working mom balancing a small business with a blended family of eight children, I truly understand how life's demands change what you want from paid employment and how you engage with the work that you do. Over the years I have owned and managed a number of my own ventures (to various degrees of success) and enjoy supporting others as they conceptualize and implement their own vision for self-employment. I also have a special place in my heart for millenials who are seeking support as they forge their own career paths.

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