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Pegotty Cooper

Tampa, Florida, US
Getting from here to there can be very challenging. Maybe you are stuck here - and don't even know where "there" is. Or maybe you have run up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles which have taken the wind out of your sails. Often we cling to old habits like a barnacle clings to the rock; and nothing can pry us off. While we may not like where we are, it is predictable and we know how to work around it, even if it squeezes our creativity and energy out of us. I am here as there thinking partner, your sounding board, your personal coach, to help you explore new options and free you up to make different choices so you can get the results you only dream of getting. Whether your challenge is in the workplace, in your relationships, in your professional community or in your family, I can help you avoid the common pitfalls of decision making and avoid the biggest mistakes people make which blind them to the pathway forward - the one that takes you where you REALLY want to go. I have been there myself - well paid in a job I hated and afraid to do anything different for fear of losing the income and the prestige! What I discovered in making a change and pursuing something I knew would get my juices flowing again, is that my need for things was just a cover-up for a hole in my soul that only doing satisfying and fulfilling work could fill. Supporting motivated professionals like you to build more workable relationships, find more satisfying work, deal with workplace and interpersonal conflict and navigate through divorce.

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