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Dr. Patricia Neff

Chandler, AZ, US
Dr. Patricia Neff - A skilled leader and builder of leadership teams for school districts, post-secondary institutions and businesses; with more than 30 years broad-based experience in education, coaching and organizational development. Dr. Neff has demonstrated success in revitalizing underperforming organizations and improving leadership and business development skills by challenging paradigms through effective coaching and intervention strategies. Dr. Neff is an executive education coach training school administrator to become effective coaches. She has trained, mentored and coached teachers and school administrators for over 30 years. She is a conflict resolution and mediation coach with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Neff also coaches in the areas of parenting and writing. She is a Director of Education, where she is recognized as an efficacious leader who generates and facilitates a positive working climate while developing a culture for unlocking the talents and potential of her team. Following the work of Carol Dweck, Dr. Neff helps clients to embrace a growth mindset where capabilities are viewed as potential which can be developed. Dr. Neff has a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, a Master’s degree in Teacher Education and Counseling and a PhD in Higher Education Administration.

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