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Pamela Van Nest CPCC ACC

Peterborough, Ontario, CA
Pamela Van Nest is an expert in building confidence. She coaches clients by asking probing questions in a gentle and sage manner helping clients get at the reasons they hold themselves back.  Together, they explore the causes for procrastination, negative self-talk and second guessing key decisions.  Because of her former 38 year career as a Special Education teacher, Consultant and Instructional Coach, she has a unique approach in helping clients replace doubts and fears with confidence, and celebrate successes. With calm, focus and confidence, clients then take the steps to advance professionally, and move forward as an effective team leader in their business, taking charge to meet the challenges and opportunities each day.

Courses Offered

There are no courses offered by this Expert.

Blog Posts

Great Results from Small Efforts

Sometimes it’s the little efforts that create great results. We have an impressive crab apple tree in our backyard. It grows just a few feet from our back door. Its branches reach up and over our yard twisting and spreading up and out from its twisted and textured trunk.  In early Spring it explodes into …Read More about Great Results from Small Efforts

What Kind of Complainer Are You?

Could you go for even 1 day without complaining? How about 5 consecutive days? No whining, moaning, nit picking or griping. I’ve made it 6 so far, but there is a challenge to go 21 consecutive days without complaining! Twenty one! You hear it all around, every day, every hour. Negative statements, statements of disappointment, …Read More about What Kind of Complainer Are You?

Why Are We So Negative?

  “You can’t imagine just how much believing in (your) negative thoughts is affecting your life… …until you stop.” Charles F. Glassman MD The Brain Drain Ever wonder why do our minds seem to look for and become fixed on the negative? First know that it is NORMAL. That is what our minds do, they …Read More about Why Are We So Negative?