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Ophelia Livingston

Sanford, NC, US
Ophelia Livingston is a small business coach who helps entrepreneurs make the transition from full-time employee to successful entrepreneur. A grandmother now, Ophelia started her coaching business in 2008 to help people who are transitioning from employee to employer deal with the sometimes-overwhelming prospect of starting a new. Ophelia specializes in helping small businesses succeed by focusing on the leaderships mindset and specific how to steps, strategies, and tactics to help them set up and run solid business foundations, systems and processes that support healthy business growth. She helps entrepreneurs determine what the right actions to do at the right time are so that they achieve optimal results by using S.M.A.R.T. goal A true entrepreneur at heart, Ophelia spent over ten years as a corporate trainer and workshop leader. Today Ophelia offers a wide range of coaching programs and services - from individual coaching, to seminars and keynote speeches. Ophelia holds a MBA from Salem International University, an MSIS in Information and Risk Management from University of Fairfax, a Master of Theology and Doctorate degree in Christian Leadership from Andersonville Theological Seminary. To create your own blueprint for success and have a healthy and profitable business now book an appointment with Ophelia and start your 90-Day Challenge today!

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