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Michael Cylkowski

Gilbert, AZ, US
Are you really an entrepreneur? Do you have a business goal that you’re trying passionately to realize? No obstacle seems too large; you just don’t know what to do next. If that’s not you, just pick any coach – it won’t matter. If that’s you, you need me. FIRE YOUR COACH. You need an advisor/mentor more than you need a coach. I am a certified and credentialed Executive Business Coach, but I don’t let that get in our way. What you will find much more helpful is someone who’s been where you’re tying to get – and has been there dozens of times with many different types of companies. My Areas of Excellence include demonstrated strengths in improving operations of startups by streamlining business activities, driving continuous process improvement and devising operational strategies that meet financial objectives. You will be lean. I have expertise in all functional business operations, including P&L management, finance, HR, M&As, supply chain, change management, compliance, data management, and succession planning. My credentials include Chairman, CEO, Principal, ICF and BCC Certified, Executive Coach and Board Director, with proven experience founding, driving the growth, merging, and selling multiple startup companies that provided clinical, technical, supply chain, physician practice management and financial services. Entrepreneur and executive leader with noted contributions in career planning and leadership development consulting for all levels of professionals.

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