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Martha Tassinari

Sandwich, MA, US

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Blog Posts

Boundaries for Women in Business

Most likely when you started your business you created a solid business plan. Your business plan probably included the following:
A written description of the future of your business -what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. You may have described your business structure, your product, and services.
In addition, you created a marketing plan, financing needs, strategies and action plans to create success in your business.
Did your business plan include a boundary plan?
Probably not! My business plan certainly didn’t.
The #1 challenge I see my clients struggle with is creating healthy boundaries in their business and life.

Quiet your Inner Critic

The key to having a successful business is creating a courageous mindset. Your inner critic can create self doubt , discouragement, and sabotage your business and dreams. Imagine if you had the tools and skill set to battle your inner critic.