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Mark Howard

Fremont, CA, US
My goal . . . is to help enhance the effective allocation and use of resources within organizations. My principal focus . . . is assisting organizations in developing an appreciation and understanding of the concepts, techniques, and analytical decision making skills related to resources management. I provide a multi-disciplinary program that encourages organizations to develop an understanding of concepts, principles, methods, and techniques drawn from management theory and economic reasoning, and the basic language and analytic tools that are the foundation of modern decision theory. A little about me: Mark has built thriving Financial Operations multiple times throughout his career, with over 15 years of award-winning, high profile experience as a Finance and Operational Senior Leader, managing budgets up to $12.9B. He has directed successful turnarounds in several organizations, as well as designed and implemented the financial systems and decision-making structures for several start-up organizations. His expertise can help you implement best practices while working within highly restricted resources constraints while bringing strategy, focus and tactical direction to the organizations he has led. Mark has spent the last 8 years working as an instructor at the Naval Postgraduate School. In this role he worked with civilian and defense organizations and senior executives from around the world helping them to design and implement systematic solutions to allocate scarce resources between numerous competing programmatic alternatives under conditions of uncertainty. He has the ability to see the complete picture and implement sound business principles in every area, resulting in very successful initiatives and consistent organizational optimization. As a dynamic team leader with a passion for managing all aspects of an organization, he can help you put out the fires you have been fighting and allow you to focus exclusively on what you do best. If you are positioned for growth or want to be and you need smart financial and operational leadership consulting, contact Mark to have a conversation about how he can help you achieve that next level of success. Mark has an MBA from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management from the University of Oregon.

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