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Mark Fechner

Chicago, IL, US
WHAT I DO- I help clients understand how stress is sabotaging their efforts to succeed and preventing them from experiencing the fulfillment in their personal and professional lives they so deeply desire. WHO I WORK WITH- I partner with individuals from a variety of professions including: Sales professionals Small and medium size business owners (1-100 employees) Entrepreneurs and start up business owners Professionals (lawyers, medical professionals, architects, accountants) Athletics (high school, collegiate and professional) Performing artists (musicians and singers from high school to professional) WHY IT WORKS- To achieve your desired level of success, you must understand how you react to stress and what it does to your decision process. Once you have the awareness of why you're making a decision, you can consciously make a different decision that is in alignment with your desires and goals. HOW IT WORKS- We start with a complimentary 45-minute conversation to clarify if coaching is right for you. At the end of our session you will have a clear plan on what are your next steps to achieve your goals. WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT- I've spent 9 years as an inside and outside sales professional, 15 years as a professional musician, recording artist and bandleader, over 20 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, with experience as a financial trader, graphic artist, and print production artist. I am a certified professional coach with my PCC certification from the International Coach Federation and as such have logged more than 5000 hours of one-on-one coaching with more than 750 clients.

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