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Lynelle Roetzel

Eagan, MN, US
As a Breakthrough Coach, Elle Stahlhut Roetzel's clients achieve their full potential; becoming who they truly are and living out all they were called to do. Elle's clients successfully breakthrough the mindsets and actions that keep them from succeeding in their goals. Through renewed clarity, your goals are accomplished and new processes are put into place which bring you freedom and forward momentum. This forward momentum injects energy and hope into your life which encompasses more than a profitable business. This is about fulfillment in every part of your life. Breakthrough Coaching helps you gain peace and clarity in your relationships, your business, and your family-life, which then brings you abundance in every area of your life. Through the coaching art of listening and asking powerful questions, Elle helps you to see that there is always an option and always a choice. This understanding brings freedom, clarity, and forward mobility into your life; Living life beyond any self-inflicted limits. Another one of Elle's passions is writing books that bring freedom and truth to others. She has written and published Bridal Redemption and developed coaching programs for individuals and businesses based upon the keys shared in her book. Elle previously worked in the financial real estate investment field as a Financial Asset Administrator in Seattle, Washington and has successfully owned and operated a small business. Through sharing her life experiences and the foundation of the Word of God, she has been mentoring and coaching for over 20 years. She is a founding member of "Courageously Free Women" and "With Eyes Wide Open". She has a B.S. in Finance and is a Certified Growth Coach through Life Forming Leadership Coaching. Elle also is a Certified Real Talk Presenter, a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach, and a Your Secret Name and Deeper Path Coach through Igniting Souls. Elle has received a Practical Ministry Certification through the International School of Ministry. Contact Elle today to begin breaking through into a Life Fully Lived!

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