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Lorna McLeod

Eureka, CA, US Do you want to be more effective and happier with your money? Would you prefer to spend more of your precious time and energy fulfilling your dreams and less of it worrying about money issues? In effect, would you like to have a more harmonious relationship with money? Money issues often baffle small business owners and professionals. If you want to have a dynamic, successful business and life, learning how to deal effectively with money and to be at ease with it must be a top priority. Coach Lorna McLeod personally faced numerous financial and money challenges in her younger adulthood. Lorna had thought she was bad with money. It wasnt until she got the support of her financial coach and mentor that she realized there simply were some things about money management she didnt know yet. So she rolled up her sleeves and learned what she needed to know. As a certified financial coach, she brings wisdom, humor and 27 years coaching experience to support your success. Lornas clients learn how their relationship with money can become more harmonious through her Make Peace with Money program. Youll address self-limiting money beliefs and develop effective skills in money transactions. When you choose coaching with Lorna, youll learn where to begin with addressing your money challenges. Youll discover how you can save for taxes, deal with cash flow challenges, address retirement planning, pay yourself accurately, and more. Founder of The Make Peace with Money program, Lorna is a Certified Financial Coach and Licensed Coach Trainer. The empowering components of the Make Peace with Money program: 1. Defining Peace with Money and the benefits to be gained by seeking such peace. 2. Are You at War with Money exploring the effects and costs of struggling with money challenges. 3. Money-wise Choices to End Your War with Money 4. Becoming Conscious about Your Money Thoughts and Habits 5. Moving from Insufficiency to Sufficiency 6. Creating a Positive Relationship with Money 7. Connecting Gratitude with Money Peace 8. Discovering the Purpose You Want Your Money to Serve 9. Bringing Your Vision for Your Money to Life 10. Taking Care of Money Details, part 1: Choosing Ease Over Struggle 11. Taking Care of Details, part 2: Know your Numbers 12. Learn from Experts, Invite Support from Others 13. The Power of Celebration to Build Money Well-being and Peace 14. Upping the Ante: Making Peace in the World If you want to stop stressing so much about money and get on with what is really important to you, Lorna McLeod is the coach for you. Lorna McLeod, PCC Creative Callings Coaching Make Peace with Money Program 707-672-3668

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Scaling the Heights for Peace with Money

  Scaling the Heights   We do not live to eat and make money, we eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. – George Mallory, English mountaineer  “Peace with money. Do you think it’s even possible?” a new acquaintance asked not long ago. For far too many, the mere thought of having any …Read More about Scaling the Heights for Peace with Money

Peace with Money: What Do You Want?

    “Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean.”  Paramahansa Yogananda   Peace with money varies greatly from person to person. Some live happily and abundantly with very small amounts of cash money. Others, some who are even millionaires or billionaires, have never …Read More about Peace with Money: What Do You Want?