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Laura McMillian

Hideout, UT - Utah, US
As a Certified Professional Coach, Laura's skills include executive, business, and leadership coaching, identifying personal patterns, developing emotional intelligence, improving working and personal relationships, fostering confident decision-making, and creating new, more effective behaviors. Her clients benefit from improved self-knowledge and accountability toward improving social and thinking habits both inside and outside of work as well assistance toward achieving other more personal goals (relationships and health). Laura subscribes to the Gestalt philosophy that the client is the best expert on him- or herself; the coach merely brings out that buried knowledge and helps put it into action. She is happy to share any relevant insights that she has picked up from academic and professional experience. In addition to her formal education in Psychology (B.A. from Williams College), Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy (M.A. from Pepperdine University), and Organizational Leadership (Ph.D. from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology), she holds the ICF ACC credential and has received special training in executive coaching from the International Coach Academy, Love Coach certification from Loveology University, and two levels of certificates in Personal Nutrition from Shaw University. She holds a special interest in donor conception issues. Her hobbies and interests include singing, health and supplements, and animals. She resides in the Park City, Utah area with her loving spouse Kevin and three dogs. If you're an executive or entrepreneur interested in maximizing your results through better work and personal habits in the areas listed above, please schedule an appointment with Laura at your earliest convenience.

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