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Laura Atwood

Scottsdale, AZ, US
I'm guessing that you want success, and you want it YOUR way? I get that! I've been a career nomad, always looking for ways to align my personal interests with paths to success on my own terms. I've been an anthropologist, an art gallery director, a nonprofit leader, a divorce mediator, and for over 15 years a professional coach. While that may seem like a crazy, random path, the connecting thread was me following my interests and seeking ways to thrive my way! What if you gave yourself full permission to do life your way? What do you want? That's where coaching starts. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for greater success in business, a leader who wants to have a more positive impact, someone struggling with conflict in relationships, or just want get clear on what you want, and get out of your own way, I'm here to help you make it happen! Together we'll make sure youre moving forward on your strategic and tactical goals. And (big bonus!) chances are you'll also find out a lot of wonderful and useful things about yourself, which will help you stay aligned with your best-self, and carve out a life you can love. I see all my coaching clients as heroes! They are busy every day pursuing things they care deeply about, solving problems, achieving goals, and helping other people in a wide variety of ways. They are also heroes who muster the insight to acknowledge they could be even better at all those things, and the courage to admit that they're often getting in their own way. They recognize that they could use an outside observer and thinking partner to help them see where they're tripping themselves up. They understand an important universal truth that the greatest threat to our own potential comes from within us! In coaching - They seize the opportunity to partner with someone who can help shine a light on blind spots, notice false assumptions, and call out self-limiting beliefs. - They leverage the chance to brainstorm ideas, try out new thinking, and tap into other viewpoints. - They see the need to learn and grow in ways that will create greater success - for instance, they may want to improve their communication skills, or their creativity, or they need to get better at creating structure, or they want to become more bold about things like making sales calls - and they're not too proud to seek support from someone who can help them accomplish that personal growth. - They're open to new information and ideas that may shift the way they see things, and open doors to new possibilities. - They see the importance in having someone by their side who will remind them of their goals and strengths in those moments when their spirits are low and they lose sight of their own heart-felt desires and great potential. The hero's path is never a success-only journey. It includes obstacles, frustrations, failures, self-doubt, and re-thinking, along with joys and triumphs. It's challenging to stay the course, and some fall by the wayside. Great heroes know that they need a steady companion who can be counted on to provide what they need in the moment, whether its encouragement, honest feedback, or a fresh perspective. As your coach, I will be that keen-eyed observer, supporter and confidante to assist you on YOUR hero's journey, with whatever you may need along the way, so you WILL achieve your goals!

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