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Laura Menze

Denver, CO, US
Being a single herself, Laura knows exactly what the dating world is like out there and, like most of her clients, the example of an intimate relationship set forth by her own parents was less than ideal. Where it lacked in love, it made-up for in anger and resentment. Since she was a young adult, it was her quest to get love right since no one else in her family has had successful partnerships. While she ventured off to find love, she inevitably patterned many of her own relationships after her parents relationship, which resulted in frustration and loneliness. As a life coach, she discovered that her single clients consistently came to her with their relationship issues. Knowing that she needed more skills to assist her single clients, divine intervention showed up in the form of a raffle prize she won at a coaching conference. The prize was the book, Conscious Dating, by David Steele. It resonated deeply and a new path was created in Lauras journey. Not only is Laura dedicated to having a loving, compassionate, healthy relationship of her own, she has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their fears, let down their walls, and lovingly, confidently find, create, and keep an amazing relationship of their own! Current Projects: Founder - The Radical Love Summit Featured coach in a television series called, 'Radical Dating Breaking Through The Barriers To Find Lasting Love After 40' Emily Makinzies Love Guru on Denvers Mix 100.3 FM Coach Trainer for budding coaches in Singles Coaching & Professional Coaching at The Relationship Coaching Institute. Education: BA Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago MBA International Business Lake Forest Graduate School of Management CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) The Coaches Training Institute PCC (Professional Certified Coach) International Coach Federation CRCS (Certified Relationship Coach for Singles) Relationship Coaching Institute CRCC (Certified Relationship Coach for Couples) Relationship Coaching Institute

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