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Larry Lazare

A Business and Balance Coach who has studied human behavior and the secrets to excellence in the major areas of life that has most people confused. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Monmouth University in Business Administration. He has worked in the corporate world in in sales, marketing, and business management. He owned and operated a Financial planning firm from 1988 to 1999, Helping individuals and small to medium sized businesses maximize the return on their investment dollars while controlling costs on insurance and minimizing their taxes. He later worked as a consultant for several financial planners, as well as health care and real estate professionals. Today he uses his knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, coaching executives and small to medium size business owners, helping them to find their inner ability to grow and thrive in their profession, while keeping balance with other areas in their lives. He is knowledgeable in areas of health, relationships, business, and more. His philosophy centers around balancing the 6 areas of life. 1. mental, 2. physical, 3. emotional, 4. social 5. spiritual, 6. financial He has helped his business clients grow their revenues by 2, 3, up to 10 times. Without being a slave to the business.

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