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Justin Fike

Loveland, CO, US
I'm Justin Fike, and I'm an author and a life and business coach with over ten years of experience in helping people to better understand their own personality and wiring, and then using that understanding to set goals that are more congruent with the strengths of who they are, and account for the constraints of their wiring, so that they can ultimately achieve the success that is most meaningful and relevant to them in their life. One of the things that I love about the coaching process is that it's individual and unique to the people involved. It's not a one sized fits all formula. It's really born out of a relationship between coach and client, where I can come in and provide fresh perspective and ask good questions to help you see the relevance of the things you already know, to gain greater clarity about your goals and motivations, and set new strategies that better suit who you are as you pursue your dreams. Thanks for listening. If you have questions I'm always available to schedule free, 20 minute conversation to better assess your needs and how coaching can meet them. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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