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Julie Schelling

Wynnewood, PA, US

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Morning Mindful Sanctuary

“Every waking moment my thoughts recite a never-ending to-do list that fills my brain with the most unpleasant noise. It is for this reason I live for my morning mindfulness walks. It’s where I find the nurturance I need to center myself throughout the day. It is how I manage my chronic pain. It is how I manage my stress. It is a unique experience that I can only try to share.”

My Path Illuminated

“When we embark on a journey we rarely know what we’ll discover along the way. In fact, we may find that fear of the unknown creeps in before we even take our first few steps. It is natural to have some anxiety with starting anything new, but it is at this point having the support of a coach can prove to be one of the best decisions you make.”