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Jonathan Palk

Knoxville, TN, US
I partner with people and help them get to places they are unable to go on their own. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is a question we are all familiar with. Are you struggling to find purpose and direction in your life? I have a passion for helping others discover their gifts and talents while assisting them in removing obstacles keeping them from transforming into the person they have always wanted to become. Growing up we have always had that one person whether it was a coach, teacher, or mentor who believed in us, who challenged us, and motivated us to do things we never thought possible. As we grow older we allow fear and doubt to creep in keeping us from chasing our dreams. Take a leap of faith and let me help you unleash the potential that is already inside you. I want to change the world one life and one dream at a time. I am here to serve YOU in any way that I can.

Courses Offered

There are no courses offered by this Expert.

Blog Posts

Renew:Hitting the Refresh Button to the New You

When you think of renew what is the first thing that comes to mind?  People can renew anything from magazine subscriptions to marriage vows?  According to Webster’s dictionary renew can be defined as to restore to freshness or to begin again.  How would you define the word renew?  It has many meanings.  I want us …Read More about Renew:Hitting the Refresh Button to the New You

Discover: Unmasking Your Hidden Beauty

Discovery can be both exciting and painful.  It can come with risk and reward.  Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America brought new adventure and along with it sacrifice.  When you think of a scientist discovering a new cure for a disease we may focus on the end result, but the scientist also reflects on all of the past …Read More about Discover: Unmasking Your Hidden Beauty